VAT Regulations

NACF celebrate VAT boost for museums

12 March 2001

UK: CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown’s change in VAT policy for museums should safeguard free entry where it already exists.

No need for panic on import VAT

31 January 2000

UK: ART importer and exporter Ron Tabor says he believes the Trade has nothing to fear from Customs over the recent closure of the VAT loophole on re-imported works of art which appears to threaten those who inadvertently bring back works of art which have been recently exported from the UK.

Dealers hit by end of VAT loophole

20 December 1999

UK: CUSTOMS and Excise have closed a tax loophole leaving UK art dealers with a hefty VAT bill to pay in future.

Drouot’s MP blasts Euro art tax policies

22 November 1999

FRANCE: PIERRE Lellouche, député (MP) for the Drouot district of Paris, has called for the suppression of import VAT on art and a large cut in the rate of droit de suite, the artists’ resale levy.

Give and take on art import VAT

05 July 1999

UK: THERE was good news and bad news from the Treasury last week on the subject of art import VAT.

VAT row – how the EU fudged it

17 May 1999

EU: THE publication on the Internet of the report compiled for the European Commission on the effect of doubling VAT on works of art imported for sale from outside the EC has exposed huge flaws in the Commission’s argument for pressing ahead with the increased tax, say leading members of the trade.

VAT on import art will double

03 May 1999

UK: BARRING an unexpected over-ruling by the Council of Ministers, the VAT charged on works of art imported to the UK from outside the European Union will double from 2.5 to five per cent on July 1.