Letters to the Editor

ATG letters: Ivory antiques ban ‘madness’

04 March 2019

MADAM – In so many respects, anyone reading or watching the news over the last 12 months could quite easily believe that the whole world has gone mad.


ATG letter: Engine meets the family

25 February 2019

Stephen Campbell, descendant of Victorian engineer John Campbell, surprised his family last weekend when he revealed that he had bought his great-grandfather’s award-winning steam engine (Pick of the week, ATG No 2380).


ATG letter: Wilde trials were later

25 February 2019

MADAM – I am sure that others will have identified a mistake in your piece about William Powell Frith’s 'The Private View at the Royal Academy' (News, ATG No 2380).

ATG letter: My world came crashing down

25 February 2019

MADAM – Further to handling horrors stories (Letters, ATG No 2379), I can remember visiting a general sale at WH Lane auction house in Penzance in the early ’70s, when all sales were general, and spying an interesting painting high up on the wall, was given permission to climb up to see it.

ATG letter: Man writes letter to ATG

18 February 2019

MADAM – As a small volume trader in toys, games and collectables, I find your publication excellent, useful and informative. BUT I am becoming jaded with your headline policy.


ATG letter: Feeling fobbed off by ivory ban response

18 February 2019

MADAM – As a long-term collector of antiques, as well as a student of the auction scene and an active participant in the ongoing debate on the ivory ban, I thought that it might be helpful to bring readers up-to-date in respect of approaches I have made in recent months to Defra’s Ivory Policy Team.

ATG letter: Southon shopping shocker

11 February 2019

MADAM – I am following the current debate regarding the range and fairness of auctioneers’ fees.

Broken watch.jpg

ATG letter: Breaking news of handling horrors

11 February 2019

MADAM – I have some sympathy with the vendor who would not allow his watch to be opened (Letters, ATG No 2376).


ATG letter: Bid Barometer mystery sitter identified

11 February 2019

MADAM – Regarding Bid Barometer, ATG No 2377, your readers might be interested to know that the portrait painting featured is in fact a self-portrait of Helen Lessore (of Beaux Arts Gallery fame).

ATG letters: What’s next – an auction room admission fee?

04 February 2019

MADAM – a simple question to auctioneers in general: are you in danger of slowly killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?

ATG letter: Insurance implications of the 'sleeper'

28 January 2019

MADAM – I totally agree with the comments made by Eddie Holt (‘Spectacularly wrong valuations? No thanks’, Letters, ATG No 2376) regarding valuations given by ‘experts’.

ATG letter: Fees should not penalise those with knowledge

28 January 2019

MADAM – Bearing in mind that auctioneering can be a university qualification (unlike dealing) and is an occupation that charges for its services, should there not be some form of censure and control over firms that get it so wrong?

BADA: No deal Brexit means Eurostar ban on CITES export

28 January 2019

MADAM – I refer to your Brexit article (‘No deal warning for CITES-listed items’, ATG No 2376).

ATG letter: Was this post-sale price right?

28 January 2019

MADAM – Recently I was interested in an Chinese tile for sale at a well-known auction that was estimated at £5000-8000.

ATG letter: Seller’s guide would help make a choice

21 January 2019

MADAM – You continue to receive letters from dealers complaining about buyer’s premiums.

ATG letter: In defence of auctioneers and their fees

21 January 2019

MADAM – Various of your correspondents over the last few weeks find that the prospect of paying for a condition report, as well as a buyer’s premium, sticks in their craw.

ATG letter: Spectacularly wrong valuations? No thanks...

21 January 2019

MADAM – At what point is the auction world going to own up and confront the shame of poor valuing?

ATG letter: Why you should watch out when wanting to look closely

21 January 2019

MADAM – I write to inform your readership of what I believe is potentially a disastrous new aspect of auction house practice.

Trade associations to mount survey on financial impact of ivory ban

14 January 2019

Antiques trade bodies are stepping up their plans for a judicial review of the Ivory Act that will come into law later this year.

ATG letters: New year resolutions response – boost ‘brown’, big-up the young and build business confidence

14 January 2019

MADAM – Your new year’s resolutions piece (ATG No 2374) was thought-provoking, citing aspirations and concerns reflecting the current art and antiques market.