Dealers come in all shapes and forms, from small sole-traders to powerhouse galleries. Both play an integral role in the art and antiques market.

They often specialise in a given fields such as jewellery, ceramics, paintings, Asian art or coins but there are also plenty of general dealers operating across different categories.

Take Five Fairs cancel Tolworth events

19 June 2017

John Slade of Take Five Fairs has regretfully had to cancel all his future Tolworth A3 antiques and collectables fairs held at the Tolworth Recreation Centre, near Kingston in Surrey.

Be a dealer for a day at Charing Cross Collectors’ Market

19 June 2017

The Charing Cross Collectors’ Market, at the bottom of Villiers Street, near Charing Cross Station, has to be one of the longest running niche fairs in London.


Traditional ‘POP’ art: dealing duo stage show of portraits and objects from the past in Knightsbridge

19 June 2017

Forget Michael Jackson and Madonna: this summer Timothy Millett and Claudia Hill are the king and queen of pop. Taking into account, that is, the title of their upcoming exhibition, 'POP: Portraits and Objects from the Past'.


Shop talk: Rippingales Antiques and Collectables

19 June 2017

In our continuing series looking through the keyhole of ‘bricks and mortar’ shops in 2017, ATG talks to Paula Rippingale Mills, who runs Rippingales Antiques and Collectables in Suffolk.


Revamped vintage in Buriton

19 June 2017

A quintessential English village is how Buriton, near Petersfield in east Hampshire might be described. It nestles at the foot of the South Downs and boasts two pubs, a church, a large village pond with ducks and a village hall.


Paris exhibition focuses on André Maire’s take on ‘cultural’ Vietnam

19 June 2017

A selection of drawings by the French painter-explorer André Maire (1898-1984) comes to the Dumonteil Gallery in Paris for the exhibition Indochina, Meeting Men and Gods.


5 Questions: Barbara Chalk of Rare and Antique Books

19 June 2017

Barbara Chalk runs Rare and Antique Books, an online book dealership, with her husband Robert.


Fitzwilliam Museum secures rediscovered Gérôme painting from dealer Daniel Katz

16 June 2017

A recently rediscovered Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904) painting has been bought by the Fitzwilliam Museum from dealer Daniel Katz.

Kitty Walsh

Folk art dealer stages Renaissance show for Edinburgh festival

14 June 2017

A London folk art dealer will stage a show about the artist Albrecht Durer (1471 – 1528) at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August.


Frost creates warm atmosphere

12 June 2017

Boats, breasts and bright colours are key features in the exuberant works of Terry Frost (1915-2003).


Dealers join forces on Cotswolds campaign

12 June 2017

Manfred Schotten and Christopher Clarke Antiques join forces this summer for their regular Cotswolds exhibition which takes place every second year.


Chance discovery at auction inspires Suffolk dealer to launch a book of historic views

12 June 2017

A Suffolk antiques dealer who bought a cache of 19th and 20th century photographs and postcards of his home town at auction has used them to good effect by publishing a pictorial record in a book.


Olympia fair draws out designs for life

12 June 2017

Sue Norman is a practised hand at The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia (June 26-July 2). As an exhibitor at this west London event for 36 uninterrupted years, she knows the show well, is familiar with the crowd it attracts and approaches it strategically.


Q&A with Olympia returner James Brett

12 June 2017

Norwich dealer James Brett vowed to continue dealing when he sold 300 pieces of stock at a Sworders sale in 2010. He has been good to his word and this year returns to Olympia for the first time in seven years. ATG spoke to Brett about his business and the wider market.


Harry Moore-Gwyn offers Sir George Clausen works on paper at Olympia

12 June 2017

Harry Moore-Gwyn Fine Art brings a selection of 20 works on paper by English artist Sir George Clausen (1852-1944) to mark the 45th anniversary of The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia.


Emporium is added to Asian art empire

12 June 2017

Asian art dealer Gerald Davison has taken a selling space in The Emporium in Berkshire, which he plans to run as well as his current space at Acreman St Antiques & Interiors.


5 Questions: Matt Dixon of TallBoy Unique Interiors

12 June 2017

Matt Dixon of TallBoy Unique Interiors, specialises in a mix of taxidermy, architectural salvage, religious artefacts and other items. He will stand at the upcoming Salvo 2017 (June 23-25).


Profile of Edward Burd: a specialist showing his wallpower

12 June 2017

Wall clocks are fashionable these days. Open most publications with an interiors feature and one will probably be displayed: in the kitchen, dining room or hallway. What is the reason for their popularity? One person who knows is Edward Burd, wall clock collector for 40 years and dealer for 15.

Paris Biennale fair

Initial exhibitor list released for Biennale fair in Paris

09 June 2017

The French dealers’ association that organises the ‘Biennale Paris’ fair, The Syndicat National Des Antiquaires, has announced the initial exhibitor list and programme details for the event in September.

New BADA boutique fair for October

05 June 2017

The British Antiques Dealers Association (BADA) will launch a new collectors’ show this autumn bringing together 20 dealers for a “curated collectors’ event”.