Dealers come in all shapes and forms, from small sole-traders to powerhouse galleries. Both play an integral role in the art and antiques market.

They often specialise in a given fields such as jewellery, ceramics, paintings, Asian art or coins but there are also plenty of general dealers operating across different categories.


Country Seat prove a glass act once more

09 September 2004

INNOVATIVE Oxfordshire dealers The Country Seat may be best known as furniture specialists, but they are increasingly turning their focus towards 19th and 20th century design.

Secure buyers

01 September 2004

KNOWN for her stock of top-quality, early furniture with character, Lucy Johnson holds a special selling exhibition this weekend from September 3 to 5 at her showroom, a 17th century stone barn just outside Burford on the Cotswold Wildlife Park Estate, Oxfordshire.


Colourist provides new pastures for Meddowes in his role as art broker

01 September 2004

TURN the clock back some 30 years, and regulars to Bonhams’ Knightbridge rooms might just recall a rather dapper, pinstripe-suited auctioneer by the name of Alexander Meddowes.


Seeing cats and getting kicks

01 September 2004

BACK in London, Chris Beetles of Ryder Street in St James’s has just opened his amusing annual show of cat pictures, which, as always, features an important group of works by the world’s most famous exponent of the genre, Louis Wain (1860-1939).


Nouveau space for determined Cathy – and room for an historic tea

01 September 2004

UNDER the name Art Nouveau Originals, specialist dealer Cathy Turner is a very well-known figure on the fairs circuit, but she will now be even better known since she has just purchased The Bindery Gallery at 69 High Street, Broadway, Worcestershire (Tel: 01386 854645).

Reindeer branch out as centre owners

01 September 2004

HIGH-profile dealers Reindeer Antiques, who have a shop in Kensington Church Street, London W8 and a large complex in Northamptonshire, are to convert part of the latter into the Reindeer Antiques Centre.


Too many tourists

01 September 2004

HOW many dealers, I wonder, dread, rather than dream of, their business area being “discovered”? Long before Covent Garden became a trendy mecca for international tourists, one of the familiar attractions for habitués was London dealer Arthur Middleton’s distinctive shop in New Row, full of early globes and all sorts of antique scientific instruments.

New school of thought

24 August 2004

TWO Dulwich ladies have successfully tapped into the trend towards 20th century design and on Sunday September 19 hold their third Midcentury Modern event at the 1960s Christisson-designed refectory at the famous local public school Dulwich College, on Dulwich Common, London SE21.

Masked gang strike at fair

24 August 2004

SIX masked raiders broke into the South Cotswolds Antiques Fair at Westonbirt School, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire around 3am on the morning of Sunday August 15 and escaped with an estimated £400,000 worth of jewellery.

Growing from west to east

24 August 2004

WEST Kent dealers Julian and Candy Lovegrove of Rose and Crown Antiques at West Malling, are also expanding and hope to pick up business in East Kent.

Dealers lose out as Trade Space closes its doors: No refund for rents as items go missing in clear-out chaos

24 August 2004

NEWARK antiques centre Trade Space have announced that they have ceased trading and have no assets to pay off debts.

Crazy days of summer

19 August 2004

REGULAR events though they are among High Street traders great and small, cut-price sales are still relatively rare in the antiques trade. In recent years a few dealers have used this tried- and-trusted format to boost turnover in sleepy times, but sale days remain an exception.


Party time in New York – and dealers are set to join in

19 August 2004

NEW York City is never a shy and retiring place, but its profile will be bigger and brasher than ever from August 30 to September 2 when the Republican Party Convention takes over Madison Square Garden.


Gardner finds the time to celebrate

19 August 2004

PETWORTH dealer Richard Gardner never seems to let up, but he is taking some time off to celebrate this week since the West Sussex town, with its 38 showrooms and some 75 dealers, has just won the BACA award for best antiques town/village.

Chinese love affair brings lifestyle change for a master restorer

19 August 2004

DEALERS are, traditionally, very secretive about their restorers, whose services are probably the most vital of any to the trade, and seldom do top restorers cross over and become dealers.


20th century talent spotting

18 August 2004

ONE of the most exciting aspects of the ever-growing interest in 20th century British art is the opportunity it offers to rediscover significant, but neglected, talent of the period. For those with a keen eye and prepared to look beyond the mere ‘big’ names, there really are some impressive things out in the market place. Such works, of course, also have the added bonus, more often than not, of falling into the category of affordability.

Football heroes gather once more

10 August 2004

FOR the second year running, dealers and auctioneers are to face each other across the football pitch rather than the saleroom in the Antiques Trade Gazette-sponsored annual challenge.

Canary Wharf event to attract City buyers

10 August 2004

ROBERT Bowman, one of the key players in dealer-led initiative London Sculpture Week, is launching a new venture to attract City executives into the antiques market.


Etruscan funerals and Roman triumphs

21 July 2004

SECOND generation Mayfair antiquities dealership Charles Ede Ltd, issue four catalogues a year devoted to different areas of their speciality, and they have just published their illustrated volume listing the Etruscan and Roman Antiquities currently available at their showroom at 20 Brook Street.

Petworth dealer terrorised as gang strike… Raiders prepare by slashing tyres at local police station

20 July 2004

A GANG slashed patrol car tyres at Petworth police station before launching an audacious burglary at an antiques shop in the town, escaping with hundreds of pieces of silver.