Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: Seller’s guide would help make a choice

21 January 2019

MADAM – You continue to receive letters from dealers complaining about buyer’s premiums.

ATG letter: Why you should watch out when wanting to look closely

21 January 2019

MADAM – I write to inform your readership of what I believe is potentially a disastrous new aspect of auction house practice.

ATG letters: New year resolutions response – boost ‘brown’, big-up the young and build business confidence

14 January 2019

MADAM – Your new year’s resolutions piece (ATG No 2374) was thought-provoking, citing aspirations and concerns reflecting the current art and antiques market.

Trade associations to mount survey on financial impact of ivory ban

14 January 2019

Antiques trade bodies are stepping up their plans for a judicial review of the Ivory Act that will come into law later this year.


ATG letters: Condition reports – fine art auctioneers should learn from philatelics

07 January 2019

MADAM – I write regarding charging for condition reports for lower-value lots.

ATG letter: Listen to Mr Spock to decide on ivory trade

07 January 2019

MADAM – F Segolini makes some interesting and valid points about the failure of alcohol prohibition in the US (Letters, ATG No 2373).

ATG letter: Just like Prohibition, ivory ban will not work

21 December 2018

MADAM – Re: ivory ban. I would very much like to add my tuppence worth to this ongoing issue.


ATG letters: Forget TV shows and focus on ‘more relevant’ debates like condition report charges

21 December 2018

MADAM – Have we lost the plot? Recently the ATG letters page has been taken over by debating whether one television show about antiques is better than the others available.

ATG letters: TEFAF dealers vetting decision is just bizarre

10 December 2018

MADAM – As someone who has been dealing in early furniture for over 50 years and who has served on vetting committees for the Grosvenor House and BADA fairs as well as having been a consultant for Sotheby’s, I find TEFAF’s decision to exclude dealers from their vetting is frankly bizarre.

ATG letters: Charging for condition reports is ridiculous as auctioneers don’t know everything

10 December 2018

MADAM – Re: condition report charges at Moore Allen & Innocent for lower-value items.

ATG letters: Pencil is mightier than the label when it comes to books

10 December 2018

MADAM – Now that sticky labels have raised ire in the art world (Letters, ATG passim), your readers might like to know that they are the bookseller’s equivalent of Post-It notes in books.

ATG letter: Would the trade prefer landfill?

10 December 2018

MADAM – I appreciate I had my turn the other day (Letters, ATG No 2369), but a quick note covering two points if I may.


ATG letters: Auctioneer's condition report fee is an idea that needs to be checked itself

03 December 2018

MADAM – Once again we have an auctioneer defending an increased charge with various excuses given for the necessity (‘Auctioneer to charge for condition reports’, ATG No 2369).


ATG letter: Home ‘not fit for Bony’

03 December 2018

MADAM – The first edition 1815 map of St Helena shown on Previews page 44 (ATG No 2367) is indeed very interesting.

ATG letters: Viewers voice more opinions on 'Make me a Dealer'

03 December 2018

MADAM – We have been watching 'Make me a Dealer' since it started (ATG Letters passim).


ATG letter: Does anyone recognise this medal?

03 December 2018

MADAM – Here is a medal whose origin I can’t figure out (above). It was found in northern Norway.

ATG letter: Sticky labels can damage Staffordshire figures

03 December 2018

MADAM – Re: letters in ATG about sticky labels.

ATG letter: We love you really but what do you charge?

03 December 2018

MADAM – Michael Roberts of PFK should not concern himself too much over a bit of “auction house bashing” (ATG No 2368).

You get nothing for a pair, not in this game

26 November 2018

MADAM – I write this letter with three separate hats on but, in all three cases, addressed for the attention or our many auction houses.

Make Me A Dealer called to account

26 November 2018

MADAM – On the recommendation of a friend I watched a few of the new Make Me a Dealer programmes presented by Paul Martin (ATGs passim).