Letters to the Editor


ATG letter: Re-writing the history of chess… or not

14 December 2020

MADAM – I read ATG for my education: it’s always thought-provoking.


ATG LETTER: Why Mudge should be a name to remember

07 December 2020

MADAM – The report on the George III gold pair cased pocket sold at Golding Young & Mawer on November 4 (ATG No 2468) contains various inaccuracies.


ATG letter: Whisky - to ‘e’ or not to ‘e’, that is the question

30 November 2020

MADAM – The correct term for the ‘mirror’ under discussion in Letters, ATG No 2468 is an ‘embossed glass showcard’.


ATG letter: Zulu was Baker not Baxter!

30 November 2020

MADAM – In your feature on Works on Paper (ATG No 2468) you preview the sale at Bonhams of the draft manuscript for the account of the defence of Rorke’s Drift in 1879 by its commander John Chard.


ATG letter: Rennie Mackintosh furniture was made by internees

23 November 2020

MADAM – I was pleased to see that a piece of furniture designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for 78 Derngate, Northampton, had sold so well at auction early in November (front page, ATG No 2467).


ATG letter: Maybe an Irish whiskey spelt whisky explains rarity

16 November 2020

MADAM – your item on the Victor Mee auction of pub memorabilia (ATG No 2467) contains a minor, yet possibly significant error.

ATG letter: Thanks for referrals – but not the valuations please

02 November 2020

MADAM – As a provincial auction house, we are more than happy to accept for sale many of those objects that have been rejected by the bigger auction companies. Furthermore, we are grateful for the occasional referral we receive from such auction companies, when items do not reach their value threshold.


ATG letter: Aston’s – I wish SAS well

02 November 2020

MADAM – It was heartening to read that the premises of Aston’s Auctioneers and Valuers of Dudley (ATG No 2463) have been taken over by Special Auction Services (SAS) of Newbury, Berkshire.


Great buy if you happen to be a tool nut

19 October 2020

MADAM – There is absolutely nothing that is not collected by some bloke, in some shed, somewhere.


It will never happen on my watch

19 October 2020

MADAM – The pedants revolt! In ATG No 2463, writing about the Ministry Of Defence’s wristwatches, Roland Arkell states that the letters WWW on the back of their cases form an acronym; they do not.

Dealer: I’m well known, not popular…

19 October 2020

MADAM – You recently featured me in your Dealers’ Diary (ATG No 2463) under Irving Street Antiques. I wish to correct a couple of errors in the article.

ATG letter: Sotheby’s shop – will there be a buyer’s premium?

12 October 2020

MADAM – I note that Sotheby’s will be opening a retail shop at their Bond Street premises (News, ATG No 2462).


ATG letter: Praise for police book crime response

12 October 2020

MADAM – it’s heartwarming to read that a number of stolen, extremely rare books have been recovered by the Met police in cooperation with the Romanian police (News, ATG No 2461).

ATG letter: Good news if you want to take a drive to Barnard Castle

12 October 2020

MADAM – With visitor numbers growing steadily, above expectations despite the pandemic, and a successful reopening under its belt, The Bowes Museum is now looking for new trustees to help reshape it, to ensure its continued success.

ATG letter: Preposterous in Portobello

28 September 2020

MADAM – The new planning law amendment which could affect Portobello Road by opening the door to more gyms, restaurants, offices, clinics, etc is preposterous (see last week’s News).


ATG letter: Adding a few words to sold Napoleonic correspondence

28 September 2020

MADAM – The auction report (issue 2459, page 22) highlighting the sale of two Napoleonic documents at Sotheby’s is most interesting when you consider the two very different characters they were addressed to.


ATG letter: Staffordshire’s rich heritage requires new attitudes and thinking

21 September 2020

MADAM – It was good to see Alan Sturrock’s robust and considered appeal for a greater understanding of the significance of Staffordshire figures in the markets (ATG 2457).


ATG Letter: Multiple auction lots could deter collectors

14 September 2020

MADAM – I fully endorse Alan Sturrock’s concerns over multiple lots in auctions (Letters, ATG No 2457).

ATG letter: Can anyone help with my Cedric Morris show search?

07 September 2020

MADAM – Hadleigh Old School in Suffolk is reopening as a concert hall in 2021. A former Victorian boys’ school, it became an arts and music venue in the 1970s under maestro Thomas McIntosh, the famous American pianist and conductor.

ATG letter: Online catalogues ‘not so green’

07 September 2020

MADAM – In lieu of a (complimentary) catalogue from a provincial auctioneer, I recently received a letter explaining as a result of Coronavirus that in common with the likes of ‘Argos and Sotheby’s’ print catalogue production would cease and move entirely online, as will the actual auction.