Letters to the Editor


How charging a lot for packing could cost you much more in the long term

20 January 2020

MADAM – I am a regular user of various online sites that facilitate distant bidding. I have noticed a huge disparity between auction houses that recognise that the bigger the audience, the greater chance of higher prices for the lots on sale – and therefore the chance of increased buyer’s premium earnings – and those that seem to regard bidders using delivery services as a cash cow to be milked through ‘shipping costs’.


ATG letter: Our Swiss scene ‘painted by a Suffragette’

13 January 2020

MADAM – we are appealing for information about the creator of a watercolour picture who we believe may have been a famous Suffragette.


ATG letter: Father figure at seven years old?

06 January 2020

MADAM – I have long admired John Atkinson Grimshaw for his beautiful paintings.


ATG letter: Give these skilled tile artists a big hand

06 January 2020

MADAM – Having read the article ‘Job lots with specific draw’ on page 29 of ATG No 2422, I was a bit put out to read the description of the Clement Heaton-attributed tiles.


Napoleon grounded on St Helena

28 December 2019

MADAM – The report on the sale of a pair of riding boots formally owned by the Emperor Napoleon during his captivity on St Helena (ATG No 2421) brings to my mind a number of points.


Help me to relaunch the ‘antiques are green’ initiative to spread the word on sustainability

23 December 2019

MADAM – Regarding the recent correspondence in ATG about green packaging, and the overall renewed spotlight on sustainable art market businesses, I am responding with some practical advice and thoughts on the ‘bigger picture’.

Calling this TV show ‘Cash for Trash’ is wide of the mark

23 December 2019

MADAM – Can I correct the lazy and simply wrong English title translation for the German TV show, Bares für Rares (ATG No 2421) as ‘Cash for Trash’.


It’s a dog-eat-mag world

16 December 2019

Dealer and collector Keith Baker has been in a long-running dispute with his beloved dog Belle over who gets to read Antiques Trade Gazette first each Tuesday.


The festive way to recycle ATG

16 December 2019

Reader Ray Heath has come up with a way to recycle his copies of ATG.


Staffs figures in fresh focus

16 December 2019

In preparation for the 25th anniversary of the Staffordshire Figure Association (SFA) in 2020, its 60 members worldwide are, for the first time, receiving a wall calendar.


Art Detective: help identify mystery works

16 December 2019

An occasional feature on mystery works the Art UK charity is seeking help to identify.

How wrapping and pellets can be ‘green’

16 December 2019

MADAM – Regarding your recent letters about ‘green’ ways to pack art and antiques, here at Adrian Harrington Rare Books we have found a supplier of biodegradable bubble-style wrapping and foam pellets that are a ‘green’ solution for packaging books and sending them around the world.


ATG letter: Disgruntled dealer reacts to the 1stdibs price rise

09 December 2019

MADAM – I was surprised by your editorial on 1stdibs last week and what it implies (News, ATG No 2419).


ATG letter: Not just fish and chips, great for antiques too

09 December 2019

MADAM – Has that antique dealer in Surrey who asked about alternatives to bubble wrapping ever thought of using straw or scrunched-up newspaper, both of which are recyclable (Letters, ATG No 2420)?


ATG letter: Packaging poses an eco-problem

02 December 2019

MADAM – Like many antiques businesses, we sell small fragile objects (in our case, ceramics and glass) that require protective wrapping for safe transit, especially when we’re sending them by post or courier.

ATG letter: What about compensating the donor too?

02 December 2019

MADAM – Gerry Pearce’s letter (ATG No 2419) is in my view an example of double standards. He, of course, makes no mention of the innocent donor who almost certainly would have retained the £380,000 vase had he/ she been aware of the value and even maybe have sold it through Ewbank’s themselves!


ATG letter: Make it a charity case

25 November 2019

MADAM – Sleepers and lucky antique finds make interesting and headline grabbing news stories.

ATG letter: Stop sitting on the fence and now back our ivory ban challenge

18 November 2019

MADAM – “The course of justice often prevents it” – Edward Counsel (1849-1939), Australian public servant and administrator


Antiques coverage in a loo

04 November 2019

Businessman Nick Radclyffe and his family run Foxdenton, a producer of English fruit gin liqueurs and London dry gin, and can trace the family’s ownership of the Foxdenton Estate in Buckinghamshire back to the 14th century.


All in good taste: Bernard Quaritch new premises

21 October 2019

Bernard Quaritch marked the opening of its Bedford Row premises last week with a red velvet cake in the shape of the new shop.